Web Programming and Database Solutions

Web Programming

Web programming and database solutions are critical for any business. This becomes more prominent if you are thinking about making an online presence. For our clients needs, we provide an effective database solution that would reduce performance bottlenecks, improve database design and automate data feeds. Sound programming and database development are essential to maintain the integrity of your website.

Our web programmers have a proven foray in databases such as ASP, PHP, Java, SQL Server, Cold Fusion and Oracle.

Web Programming Services

  • Order Processing
  • On-Site Security Server
  • Secured Credit Card Transactions
  • Shopping Carts/Electronic Commerce
  • Shopping Malls
  • Secured Database Solutions
  • Search Engine/Directory Promotion
  • Custom Search Directories
  • Extranets, Intranets and much more

Programming Languages

  • Java/JavaScript, MS SQL 7.0
  • C, C++, Visual Basic, Oracle and more

Operating Platforms

  • Unix, Linux (SGI, SUN)
  • PC (Windows 95, 98, XP, 2000, NT, DOS)

Web Programming

If you are spending time on building your website with a limited budget, stop worrying. Website For Business is a leading web programming company in San Francisco Bay area, California, providing web and database programming, database design and development at an affordable cost. We will provide you with the best web designers who will build a custom website based on your requirements. You can utilize this time in the core areas of your business and rest assured when you hand this task to us.

Choose a personalized web domain or use your existing domain name. With a wide range of web design styles, we will help you build a custom-made website that caters to your needs.

Web Builder Features (One stop for a professional website)

Select a layout

Perhaps our global success since 2008 is the greatest testament to the quality and commitment that we provide to our customers. With Website For Business as your website development partner, you will always stay in competition delivering immediate results by driving increased revenue and leads online.

Business Information

Upon signing up, you can provide us with information about your business, company, Industry, name, slogan, so we can choose the right images related to your industry. You can also choose other images if you do not like our selection. If you have more inputs, you can make comments. We will assign an expert to you who will guide you through the process of customizing your website according to your requirements.


After gathering all the information as per your requirements, we will deliver you with your website within two business days. You can review it and let us know if it requires any changes.

Go live

Once you are satisfied with the website, we will hand it over to you. Moreover, we will provide you with tips and tricks on maintenance and support for your website. The average time is three business days for your website to be live.

To help us serve you better, call us today at (1-888-886-8362) or send e-mail: or simply fill our contact form.