Our web designing experts can give your website a professional outlook. Website For Business offers a wide range of pricing options to suit your website development requirements. Choose from one of the following pricing options to build your website.

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5 Stock Images   Domain Registration   SEO Included   CMS - Edit Site Online  Animation Included

Price: $399.00
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    Option #1 - A one-time design fee of $399, which includes:
  • Professional web site consisting of 5 pages
  • Free registration of a domain name for one year
  • Professional images in accordance to your industry on every page of the web site
  • Allow user inquires such as “Contact Requests” with a customized email form
  • 2 month warranty inclusive of minor changes to the web site up to 1 hour per month
  • Make changes to your web site online with the Content Management Software / editors
  • Expandable view for the website in different resolution sizes. Ex: 800x600 or 1024x768
  • Display current news articles or related information with Scrolling java window
  • Animation is included such as fading and rotating text and images
  • Custom rollover images for navigation
  • A copy of all files used to create the web site
  • Additional page design is approximately $40 per page.
  • We can develop other requirements such as Shopping Carts, Programming Solutions, or any other Technology Solutions for additional cost. To discuss the most suitable plan please contact us.

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