Web Development Methodology

Web Development Process

At Website For Business, we follow a 7-step methodology in our web development process. With this web development methodology, we are able to provide efficiency, increased ROI and profitability to many of our clients.


Website For Business has a unique blend of skilled and talented programmers and web designers with a passion for providing aesthetic, cutting edge and state of the art web development services across a wide range of industries.

Website Analysis

After the customer provides us with their requirement, we analyze it on factors such as how the website or web-based application will help the present system and how will it help the business of the customer.

Website Design

In this step, we create a prototype according to the specifications of the customers. We ask for any specific content or graphics they wish to include as well. On creating a prototype, we ask for suggestions from the customers before moving on to the next stage.

Web Development

In the website development phase, we make the site design with templates, images and prototype. The database team develops database. The content developers work in tandem with the team. We communicate with the customer on a continuous basis to ensure timely implementation of changes if required.


Once the design has been finalized, the programming team adds their code without affecting the design. This is necessary to make sure that the developers know the design, and they should do coding in such a way that it does not disturb the look and feel of the web site or web site application.


Web based applications require rigorous testing to check for their functionality. Our testing team apply different type of tests such as Integration testing, Stress testing, Scalability testing, load testing, resolution testing and cross-browser compatibility testing for maximum optimization.

Updating and Maintenance

As website needs continuous updating and maintenance, we can provide regular maintenance support. Our support may include report generation, regular updating according to your requirements.

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