Frequently Asked Questions

Web Design FAQ

What is a website design?

Website designs are professional templates that consist of dynamic features such as elaborate page layouts, custom interactive buttons, unique font, and color schemes. Moreover, it also includes various dynamic button rollovers. These features are a requisite for a professional website because the traditional designing features such as hyperlink, headers are being replaced with dynamic design.

Can I view my website before it is published to the Internet?

Yes, Website For Business lets you review your customized web site before you publish it. You can preview your site, whenever we make any changes. You can change the content after we publish it.

How much time will it take to build the website?

Our experts are quick and innovative in their approach. We can build your website within two business days and present it to you for preview. Once you review and approve it, we submit the entire website to you within additional three business days.

Can I change my website content after it has been published?

At Website For Business, our solutions are flexible allowing you to grow as your business grows. You can update your text and websites any time by requesting for changes.

I want to change my website design after its been published

If you wish to change the website design after publishing, you will be subject to a design change fee of $200.00.

What is the cost to make changes after the warranty period expires?

If the client needs simple editing text, we do most of the common changes free. However, in case of any complex changes, we produce another contract for web development at a fixed price. We can bill you at an hourly price as well. Our current prices range from $50.00 per hour for design to $100.00 per hour for programming.

How can you ensure the uniqueness of my website?

The web design prototype provides you with a structure for your site. Once this is done, you can add unique elements according to your needs. You can include your company logo, images, name, button headers, personalized text, etc. Moreover, we keep on updating our portfolio regularly ensuring that you get the best in web design.

What are the credit card type that you accept?

Visa, MasterCard, Discover & AMEX are accepted.

What will be the company's name that will bill my credit card?

Website For Business

What is your policy for Returns/Cancellations?

In the case, you are not satisfied with the initial home page design; $100 of your payment is non-refundable. We will process your fee deducting the refund within 3 to 5 business days. You have the right to a half refund if you are not happy after reviewing the other pages of the website. There will be no refunds if you purchase one of our websites, download it and publish it to the Internet or if more than, 30 days have elapsed since the preliminary presentation of the website.